I paint in different mediums including watercolors, acrylic and oil.  A lot of my art would be categorized as mixed media.  I like to add interesting textures to my paintings to draw the viewer in, adding a tactile dimension.

I sometimes combine or embed my paintings into found objects like vintage books, shrines, etc. to add depth, dimension and weight. I embrace the beauty of the random imperfections and worn surfaces of the old books, metal and wood. Placing my paintings inside of an object that can be held in ones hands enhances the intimacy with the viewer. It envokes the sense of touch.

Many of my paintings are figurative, because of the emotions that human images evoke. I also like to incorporate elements of simplicity, spirituality, beauty, truth and humor into my art to draw in the viewer. These are things that are meaningful in my life. I am always gratified when others make a connection with my art and find their own meaning.

Many pieces were inspired by the people in my life who demonstrate their brave spirits in every day life. Spiritual images and icons were incorporated in some of the pieces as symbols of faith and superstition, mystical weapons against fear and uncertainty.

I have been an artist since childhood. Art springs out of my life at each passage, like a visual journal. I consider myself to be a self taught artist because I learn as I create. Each piece of art stretches my artistic ability and gives me more insight and direction.




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